Asocijacija Ragbi 13 Bosna i Hercegovina

Observer Member

Date founded: 05-01-2018


The Bosnia and Herzegovina Rugby League Association was formed in January 2018 within the Ministry of Justice. Headquartered in Vitez, its 13 founding members established the inaugural board following its constituent meeting later that month.

The general assembly is the supreme organ of the non-profit organisation, and is populated by legal and natural persons. Both the board and supervisory (audit) committee have four-year mandates and must have at least three officers. While the board is the supreme executive organ, the supervisory committee plays a controlling role, ensuring the organisation abides by local laws and regulations.

To assist in its initial aims, the AR13BH was granted A$7,500 by the Australian Embassy in Vienna from its ‘Direct Aid Program’ to Rugby Club Vitez, for the development of the sport amongst youngsters in the area, specifically the cities of Vitez, Banja Luka and Sarajevo.

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