Bulgarian Rugby League Federation

Observer Member

Date founded: 07-04-2016

Email: brlfederation@gmail.com

The Bulgarian Rugby League Federation is a non-profit association registered in the national capital, Sofia, with the Ministry of Justice. Having been formed in November 2016 it was admitted as an ERL Observer in April 2017.

The supreme organ is the general assembly, constituted by the members, who can be legal or natural persons. The entity was formed by 12 founding members, eight natural persons and four clubs, Akademik Rugby Sports Club, Serdika 2010 Rugby Club, JSK Lokomotiv Rugby Club and Valyatsite Rugby and Football Club. New members are admitted by the general assembly. 

The board and supervisory board both have three members and a five-year mandate. The supervisory board, or audit committee, is the chief oversight function of the federation, ensuring the organisation is run constitutionally and financially prudently.

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