Asia Pacific Rugby League Confederation

Observer Member

Date founded: 06-12-2011

Asia Pacific Rugby League is the confederation for Rugby League in the Pacific, Asia & South America. 

It oversees and co-ordinates the development of the sport in all its member countries and territories, as well as neighbouring organisations.

Asia Pacific Rugby League has three levels of affiliation, full, affiliate and observer membership.
Only full members of Asia Pacific Rugby League can vote in general meetings. 

All full members of Asia Pacific Rugby League have one seat on the Board. The chair and the vice chair are elected by the directors.


The executive is led by the Chief Operating Officer, who oversees the regional members, in addition to the coaching, officiating training, as well as tournaments and media staff. The Chief Operating officer also works closely with the governments within the Asia Pacific region.


Asia Pacific Rugby League is a confederation and is an Associate Member of the International Rugby League.